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Top Most Affordable Funeral Alternatives.

Most people in ancient Greece believed in cremation. In today’s world, there has been an increase in the number of people opting for cremation when they die. Although most people still believe in traditional funerals with a burial.

So many people find traditional burials to be costly as a funeral option of honoring the deceased.

However, traditional burial is not the only option, there are several other funeral options you can opt. You can still honor the deceased with these funeral alternatives without using much.

Below are cheaper funeral alternatives that you should consider.

The first option is cremation, which is the most affordable. Among the other funeral alternatives, cremation tops the list in being the most popular. As of 2020, more than 56.4% would opt for cremation compared to traditional burials which falls at 37.7% One of the benefits of cremation it offers you flexibility. If you want your remains to be scattered at a special location and at home, it is possible with cremation. If you want to be close to your loved ones, cremation is the best option.

There are other funeral alternatives you can consider apart from cremation such as burial at sea. Burial at sea is completely different from traditional funerals. If you opt for this option, your body will be lowered to the sea. Also, your body can be cremated then scattered at the sea. For this option, it will cost you not more than $400, as long as your friends and family members are not attending. It is less expensive compared to traditional burials. However, you will be more for sea burial, if your friends and family members are attending.

There are several regulations that surround sea burials. There are areas that are designated for sea burials. To know all the regulations that surround sea burials, it is important that you talk with an expert.

The third option funeral alternative is donating your body to science. This is the most fulfilling and cheapest option among the funeral alternatives. Medical experts will use your body to learn more about its uniqueness.

By donating your body to science you are impacting the world in a positive way, even if you are dead. However, this option is not available for anyone who has donated any organ in their body. Only bodies that have all organs can be donated for science.

After the are done with your body, they will cremate it. The duration the institution you donated your body to will use it is 1 or 2 years. However, they don’t cater for funeral costs, in case your family and friends decide to hold a funeral service. Your family will not have to spend cash on cremation.

The way people view death and parting is different from the past. The funeral alternatives mentioned above are less costly.